A Stormy Holiday Getaway 
                   - Tambobong Beach Dasol Pangasinan

A 250-kilometer ride from the City of Malolos, the day before, we did the usual preparation. My husband changed the engine oil and made sure our Suzuki Sky Drive was in a good condition. We did a little research about our destination and upon finding out that we would encounter a lot of rough roads, we decided to buy a Tire Sealer and Inflater and included it in our backpack. And of course, we brought our primary weapon, our Raincoats.

We took off at around 3:00 in the morning and decided to take the Malolos-Pampanga-Camiling-Alaminos-Mabini-Burgos-Dasol route. We had our breakfast at Camiling Tarlac. We only paid 75 pesos for 2 orders of delicious "goto" plus a soda and a coffee. We then continued our journey, with the back of our hands aching with the prickling drops of the seemingly endless rain. We can hear the heavy tik tok tik tak on our helmets but it was fun. We never had difficulty finding our way because of our recent travel to Anda Pangasinan, from Alaminos, we turned left heading to Mabini then in Burgos, we stopped at a gasoline station before we headed to Tambobong White Beach Resort.

The way to Tambobong from Burgos was a combination of smooth and rough roads, and though it was rough, it was nothing compared to the rough roads to Baler Quezon. The scenery along the way amazed me personally. There were green grassy hills, horses, cows, and goats roaming around to eat. There's also a nearby brook where they can drink and bathe. It was so refreshing to breathe in some fresh air and feel the cool breeze on your skin. Being on the city everyday, we never thought a place like this still exists.

There were very few signages so to avoid being lost, don't hesitate to ask the locals for directions. It was around 9:00 am when we reached Nay Benilda's house. It was the same place mentioned in one of the Tambobong blogs. We called her the day before and arranged our stay there. 

After fixing our things, we then changed our clothes and went to the beach. The place was not what it was like on the pictures because of the recent storm but still, we noticed that this place is very much like Pagudpud, the tranquillity of the place, fine white sand, clear waters and a very unique scenery. The Colibra Island and a few other small islands can be seen from where we were. We walked along the shore for a few minutes, took a few pictures then it rained. We then decided to go back to our room to rest.

We ordered food from Nay Benilda's helper. She asked us how many kilos of pork we would like to order and what to do with it. We instructed her to grill 1/4 kilo and another 1/4 for adobo. We then took a nap until we were awaken by a knocking on our door. Food was ready! We then ate and we both noticed that the food tasted differently, in a good way. My husband said maybe they put "tanglad" on the adobo, and the "inihaw", we don't know what's wrong with us but we never tasted anything like that before. It was juicy, aromatic and tasty. We also ordered a bottle of soda and coffee. It was a very satisfying lunch experience.

The rain stopped for a while so we went out and enjoyed the beach once again. We were like children playing, we collected shells, pebbles, and oddly shaped stones. It was raining once in a while but we didn't mind. Instead we enjoyed it by lying on the sandy shore and we let the rain fell down on us.

It was very relaxing and a perfect way to relieve our stress from work. After taking some more souvenir photos, we then went back to Nay Benilda's house,  rinsed ourselves using the "poso" then we prepared ourselves to go home.

We asked for our bill and we were surprised that all the food I mentioned earlier only cost us 180php. We paid a sum of 530php including the 350php for the room.


We left Tambobong at around 2:00 pm and we took a few stop overs to take pictures, refill gasoline and eat "meryenda". We ate "turon", and the 3 for 10 pesos "siomai". It was a rainy ride once again and we arrived at Malolos at 7:30 pm.

For those who are planning to take a trip to Tambobong, here's the list of our expenses:

Gasoline: 900php
Accommodation & Food at Tambobong:530php
Foods during stop overs: 250php
Total: 1680php

More of our rides soon!



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